leigh suggs
In our minds there is an awareness of perfection and when we look with our eyes we see it. – Agnes Martin


I have very few memories from my childhood, but I can easily recall the patterns and shapes that I used to see behind my eyelids. I remember closing my eyes, just so I could see the circles and dots that would undulate and pulse within the darkness. Moving faster than my eye could keep up with, I constantly chased these patterns. My fascination with these visions, the comfort they bring me, and the fact that I no longer “see” the patterns, are what drive my obsessive, repetitive, and relentless need to recall them. The circle (or dot) has countless meanings, but for me it represents the infinite, the never-ending shape or object. Its start never ends. It is zero-dimensional or infinitely dimensional. It seems to have no height, no width, and no length. The dots and circles are just there – just like my memories.