leigh suggs
In our minds there is an awareness of perfection and when we look with our eyes we see it. – Agnes Martin


I close my eyes… and I revel in my private spectacle. Imagery of pulsing flashing colors fill my dark field of vision, sometimes organized into subtle geometric patterns and other times chaotic firework-like flashes. I am a spectator, not a participant. These visions appear before me as if they are outside of me, projected into external space. I cannot control them or manipulate them, as much as I might try, they remain for mere seconds and then disappear.

My fascination with these visions, the comfort they bring me, and the fact that I no longer “see” the patterns when my eyes are open, are what drive my obsessive and relentless need to recall them. This body of work is a direct reflection of my physical and auric experience with these transient visions. I explore movement, vibrancy, and subtlety through the use of singular pattern producing gestures such as weaving, wrapping and adhering. The vibrant and luminous colors are overwhelming and prolonged viewing can exhaust the eye. My only escape is to close my eyes again.